A Time to Remember

My brother-in-law passed away last week of cardiac & respiratory failure at 39 years of age. We had a memorial service for him this past Friday which has left me in a reflective mood. My own brother, grandmother and father have also passed away, leaving various gaps in the family and my heart.

Tonight I came across a box containing sermons notes of Dad’s and nestled in among his typed pages, I found a little black book – A Service Book, printed in 1956. Used by ministers at funerals, several passages have been marked by Dad, offered up during one of many funerals he conducted. I have memories of my sis and me, too young to be exposed to the death of a stranger, waiting in lobbies of various funeral homes while Dad led the services. Later, when old enough or for someone we knew, we sat quietly in the back with Mom, listening to Dad.

Enough. More Dad memories in a future post. 🙂

I’m sharing two poems from A Service Book that brought me to tears this evening. They address the issue of death fairly straight-forward. It’s a fact of life. But the greater reality is that, with faith in Jesus Christ, death leads to eternal life. These poems get me excited about that future, when brothers and sisters in Christ will “meet again before the throne” and “find it!” If you’ve lost someone, I hope they provide you comfort.

Sleep on beloved, sleep, and take thy rest;
Lay down thy head upon the Saviour’s breast;
We loved thee well, but Jesus loved thee best,
Good-night! Good-night! Good-night!

Calm is thy slumber as an infant’s sleep,
But thou shalt wake no more to toil and weep,
Thine is a perfect rest, secure and deep;
Good-night! Good-night! Good-night!

Until the shadows from the earth are cast,
Until he gathers in his sheaves at last,
Until the twilight gloom is overpast;
Good-night! Good-night! Good-night!

‘Til Resurrection glory lights the skies,
Until the dead in Jesus shall arise,
And he shall come, but not in lowly guise;
Good-night! Good-night! Good-night!

Only good-night! beloved, not farewell,
A little while and all his sons shall dwell,
In hallowed union indivisible,
Good-night! Good-night! Good-night!

Until we meet again before his throne,
Clothed in the spotless robes he gives his own,
Until we know even as we are known,
Good-night! Good-night! Good-night!

–Sarah Doudney

That soothes the ache we feel with our beloved who are already gone. This next one imagines you as the one making that journey:

What must it be to step on shore, and find it — Heaven;
To take hold of a hand, and find it — God’s hand;
To breathe a new air and find it — Celestial air;
To feel invigorated, and find it — Immortality;
To rise from the care and turmoil of earth
Into one unbroken calm;
To wake up and find it — Glory.

In Memory of
Bob Seagraves
1972 – 2011

In Memory of Bob

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  1. Courtney

     /  March 2, 2011

    Thanks, Janice, for sharing these poems. I like the first one in particular. It’s hard to remember that this life is fleeting … until death’s reality hits you in the face. I am so sorry for the loss of Bob. Such a young man.

    • Debbie Brookshier

       /  March 29, 2011

      Janice thank you for posting this of Bobby..it’s still so hard to know that he is gone..I keep thinking about the good things and the funny things like he loved using duck tape! LOL he had that loud and fun laugh, I keep thinking I will call him and talk to him but I am quickly reminded that I can’t, it’s so hard! Thank you for posting! Love ya, Debbie

  2. Meg

     /  March 3, 2011

    That first poem was amazing. It is such a blessing to know that we have a hope after our lives here end, and that someday we’ll see all those people we’ve loved so much again. Thanks for sharing.

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