Musical Monday – This Is The Stuff

Wow, did I drop off the face of the interwebs for the past month! Ugh, I was off to such a great start with the blog – made it for 10 posts and three months and then WHAM. Well, more accurately, then crickets.

I’ve been busy and have several post drafts, but I just haven’t taken the time to post them. There’s also been this huge crafting bug that bit me. I’ve already done several projects with more lined up. The plan is to start a new page, Claygirlcrafts. 🙂 More on that in days to come.


This is the stuff that gets under my skin. If there’s one thing that irritates me faster than anything else, it would have to be bad driving. In my opinion, I’m not a bad driver and my record supports that. In nearly 24 years of driving, I’ve only been pulled over twice – only once given a speeding ticket, – and been involved in one accident where I was hit by a parked, unoccupied car.

Yes, an empty car hit me.

The cars were parked bumper to bumper and SOMEONE forgot to put on the emergency brake. When I backed my car out of the spot, her car rolled into mine. It was almost $500 damage, too.


Tonight on my way home, the car in front of me did what I consider one of the worst things you can do as a driver (outside of flat out smashing into someone else). He gave up his right of way. On first consideration, you might think that’s a good thing. Serving someone else, putting others ahead of yourself, turning the other cheek and all that. The problem comes when the other drivers on the road are following the rules and not noticing that you’ve stopped to let someone make a left turn in front of you. In many ways, you’re asking to be hit when you give up your right of way. It upsets the balance that the rules of the road give us. Try driving in a country that doesn’t have many common road rules. It’s nuts.

Unfortunately, that’s not the heart of the matter. It’s my reaction to other drivers’ insanity. I lose it. Hello, road rage, my old friend, I’ve come to yell with you again. No sound of silence here. Alone in the car, I will berate that other driver through my closed windows. Even when someone else is driving, I usually can’t help but say something about the ridiculousness of the car in front of us. Recently, my sister admitted that she hated riding in the car with me when we were in high school, because I went off all the time. I do remember, faintly, being so aggravated on those Detroit freeways and we had 30 minutes of it on our way to school. During rush hour. Every morning.

Uphill both ways.

In the snow.


I digress.

This is the stuff that drives me crazy. My little world revolves around me for that moment in time. In my small zoom-zoom bubble, I’m not caring about what the other driver may be suffering through – a divorce, trouble with finances, health issues, or even simply being late for work. This light-hearted song reminds me how tiny and insignificant these momentary annoyances are. God has given me so much and blessed my life greatly. The trifling things of the irritating now are not what last. There is a sovereign God who has everything under control. My place is to trust him. Even amid a road full of selfish drivers; of whom I am chief.

What stuff drives you crazy and how should you instead respond?

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  1. Oh the driving…it drives me nuts too. I live in a touristy area…so that adds to it – no one knows where they are going! Thanks for coming by 504 Main!


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