Day 29: When The Storm Surges

I committed to pray for the hurting throughout the month of October and today there is only one group of people I can focus on – those in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy, Oct.28-29, 2012 at the Outer Banks, NC.  Mostly Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills

Outer Banks, NC (Photo credit: dedhed1950 – Creative Commons)

In 2003, when Hurricane Isabel wound its way up the Chesapeake Bay, I was in Perryville, Maryland. I know it was not even a comparable experience to Sandy, or even to Irene last year. For me, though, it was one of the eeriest nights of my life. I still remember the sound of the wind that night.

I have friends in the DC area, family in Connecticut, and more friends along the hurricane’s path into Pennsylvania. The news is reporting that more than 1.6 million people are currently without power (update 6am on 10/30: over 8 million have no power). And we’re still waiting on that Frankenstorm moment of high tide and full moon while Sandy makes landfall tonight.

Since the number of people without power is only growing, I expect that the only people who will read this are in “safe” zones. If that’s you, this is your call to pray.

Pray this prayer along with me.

Pray for the friends and loved ones you know.

Pray throughout the night and into tomorrow.

A cry to the Creator of the Universe…

the God who made the land and separated it from the sea,

who set the moon just so its gravitational pull would be felt on earth,

who could calm the raging sea with a breath, “Peace, be still”…

Lord, to you we call out on behalf of friends, family and loved ones.

The power in the waves is incredible. It’s shocking to watch. The force of the water – it blows me away. I watch the winds push reporters, debris, and more around the street. It’s scary strong. It’s hard for me not to think of the Japanese tsunami videos I watched. The power in the flowing water – not much can stand in its way.

Then I think that you are SO much, infinitely much, stronger than the wind and the waves. The Bible tells how Jesus simply spoke and the wind and waves obeyed him. They are nothing compared to your power and strength. I praise you as One who is stronger. You created this world. It’s in your hands, under your control. There is peace in that.

But God, people I care for are stuck in the middle of that storm. They are in darkness, because the storm has knocked down power lines. Bring your peace to them, huddled together against the storm. Let your presences be felt, calming worried, anxious hearts.

As the wind rages throughout this dark night, breathe peace over them. Remind them that you are near. Show them your love. Keep them safe from harm. Protect them, even if property is wiped away. Spare their lives, Lord.

Protect the police officers, firemen, FEMA workers, national guard, EMTs, red cross workers – anyone who has a job to do and must stand their ground or even go into dangerous places. We are so grateful for their services and the lives they will save.

Help people to step up to help clean and restore after the storm passes. Thank you for the churches in the surrounding areas who will start to volunteer as soon as their way is clear. Thank you that you move your people to serve.

Above all, Lord God, may you receive the glory. You are greatly to be praised!

In Jesus’ name,

This is Day 29 of 31 Days of Prayer for the Hurting – the link will take you to the entire series.

Thank you for praying with me tonight. As you watch storm news, continue in an attitude of prayer for the people being battered by the storm tonight and into tomorrow.

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  1. Maria Dupuis

     /  January 6, 2013

    I didn’t know anyone personally that was caught up in this storm and I have to admit, when I heard of these events, I was glad not to be working in the 24 hour emergency travel departments like I once did. I am sure it seemed like a real nightmare for many people. Now, months later, I hope all is back to normal. Thankyou Claygirlsings for reminding me a few inches of snow on the ground now is nothing to complain about!


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