Do You Really Know Your Favorite Christmas Movies?


scantron (Photo credit: COCOEN daily photos – Creative Commons)

Ready for a quiz? Get your No. 2 pencils out!

For a little fun this holiday season, here are some relatively obscure quotes from Christmas movies. Do you know which movies these are from?

No Cheating! 😉

I’ll share the correct answers in a separate post.


Brilliant! You reject your own nose because it represents the glitter of commercialism!


You’re a warped, frustrated old man.


Does someone need a hug?


Eat, Papa, eat! Whoever heard of a skinny Santa?


I’ve been saving this money for a divorce if ever I get a husband!


He’s mean. He’s nasty. And he hates everything to do with Christmas.


I don’t know why somebody’s gunning for my job. But look, let’s remain a team. Ok? If I go, we all go.


If I’m willing to let my wife have a big headache in the morning, the least you can do is to have a little headache tonight.


How much is “wow?”
Right in between “ouch” and “boing!”

Post your answers in the comments and let’s see if I stumped anyone out there! Have fun!

— Answers are revealed! Click here to find out who said what to whom! —-

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