It’s Time to Call a Do-Over

Do you ever find yourself heading in one direction and, while it’s just not working out, you are reluctant to switch courses?

As kids, we had a word for that. You need a do-over.

The sun got in my eyes; I call do-over!
I was laughing too hard at her joke; do-over!
I wasn’t ready! Do-over!

It seems as adults, we feel the weight of failure if we realize the pinterest project isn’t going right or plans we made aren’t falling into place. For some reason, it’s harder, now that we’re grown up, to admit we sometimes need to call a do-over.

I’ve come to realize I need a do-over as June begins. I chose a One Word 365 in January. And it was good great! But the things God is teaching me this year have taken a different direction. I have wanted to blog about my One Word, but it’s taken a backseat to other lessons that hit closer to home.

So, I’m changing my word:

I’ve been trying to cultivate more grace in my life, to recognize grace when it’s given and to accept it as a gift from others and from God. Some days are more successful than others. Recently, I was flipping through a new devotional book on the subject, when something completely different smacked me upside the head.

The first chapter talked about Psalm 23 and there it was, in question #7 – Content. Are you content with what God has given you? Is what you have enough to be satisfied?


I have learned the secret of being content.
No, not me. Paul said that.
I have so far to go.

But I realized that he figured it out. This is it. This is the secret, if I can get a hold of it. This is the key. So, I’m going to spend the rest of the year with Content as my One Word 365.

I’m not even sure yet what I’m going to say on contentment.  Even as I read that devotional, I thought to myself, “I’ll probably forget it tomorrow, but this – right now – this is it. This is the secret. I need to remember this.”

Will you walk with me through the latter half of the year as we discuss being content?

What have you learned about being content in your life?

Is there a direction you’ve been heading that you need to change? Is it time for you to call a do-over?


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Janice. I feel like I’ve been learning a lot (or at least realizing how much I don’t know) about contentment over the last few months. The biggest thing I think God has been teaching me is that if I am to be content, my eyes need to be on Him and on the path He is calling me to – not the path He’s calling anyone else to. It’s so easy to look at what others are doing and think I should do that or should be able to do it – or to look at what they’re doing and pass judgment on them – but God is reminding me over and over and over again that I am responsible for what I do, and I am responsible for following Him on the path to which He leads me. I’m not responsible for others’ paths, and they’re not responsible for mine. I look forward to reading more about what God is showing you as you focus on contentment over these next couple months, and I’m sure I’ll learn from and be encouraged by your journey!


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