Trusting God When Dreams Die

Do you remember the old cartoons where the coyote paints a mural of the road on a brick wall and then ends up running smack dab into the middle of the wall? Like this:

That’s about the feeling when a dream dies. You’re heading full-speed toward the road that seems paved just for you, and then you’re slammed to a stop.

Three people in particular come to mind when I think of those who have very recently been forced to discard a dream and are now wrestling with what life looks like after running into that wall. There are probably more people out there who feel this way that I don’t know about, too.

Photo credit: drubuntu (Creative Commons)

Do you feel achy and bruised from hitting the wall? Are you trying to pick up the pieces of life and figure out how they fit together again? I recently heard someone refer to this as being heartsick. What a perfect, albeit lousy, word for this. If you are heartsick, this prayer is for you.

To God,

The Giver of Life,
The Sustainer,
The God who sees me:

Sometimes the path seems so clear. It’s as if we heard your voice saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” But what happens when following that path suddenly slams us against a wall? Did we not hear or understand your voice?

The wall has been hit. Dreams have been crushed. Why did you let them believe that was the path for them? You let them get so passionate and excited for what you had in store, why did you then take their dream away? You’ve left them broken. You’ve left them heartsick. Were they hearing your voice? Did they misunderstand something? Were they misled somehow and it wasn’t you speaking?

And then, Lord, what is next?

They have broken pieces of a dream how do they recover? How do they know they can trust when they think they hear you speak again? Lord, would you help pick up the broken pieces? Will you step into these broken dreams, these hurt lives, and will you show them that you have a plan?

God, we are not in control. But we know that you are the God who created the world; the God who holds all things, including our lives, in the palm of his hand.

All we can do is trust you.

All we can do is believe that you are who you say you are and that you will do what you say you will do.

God, would you heal this brokenness? Would you plant the seed of a new dream? Even though it will be young and tender and fragile right now, would help this dream to grow? 

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  1. Ethel May Miller

     /  June 18, 2013

    Maybe the Lord allows this to happen for reasons we may never know. When dreams die, the only resource we have is the Lord. As much as it hurts, the Lord knows why. He just wants us to keep on trusting His wisdom and His love. We falter, but underneath are those “Everlasting Arms”. Your blog stirs up many conflicted memories. My pastor keeps telling us that “the Lord, he is God and we are not.” He just wants us to cling to Him.

  2. Your prayer is simply beautiful. We need to hold tightly to knowing He is in control. These words said it so wonderfully, “God, we are not in control. But we know that you are the God who created the world; the God who holds all things, including our lives, in the palm of his hand.” I was happy to make my way here through Jen’s SDG party.

  3. Oh yes. Yes.


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