What I learned in September: nerd edition


On my birthday, I managed to break my glasses while I was on my last pair of contacts. I looked nerdier than usual for a few days until I discovered I could crazy glue my glasses together. The first attempt worked until I took my glasses off to clean them and they fell into 2 pieces again. On the second attempt, I got them to stick, then poured glue all around the outer edge of the crack to be sure it was a solid connection. They did stick to my nose briefly, but no lasting harm. 😀

Anyway, September was a whirlwind and October looks to be doubly so:

On to a few things I learned in September. These are more about things I discovered on YouTube. Enjoy.

The Cute: A dog who loves to play in the leaves. Perfect for fall.

The Inspirational: Made Alive by Citizens. We sang this in Karis Church and I loved it right away.

The Voice: I found out my friend’s brother, John Travis, auditioned for The Voice. His audition hasn’t been shown yet, so we’re hoping to see it on Monday or Tuesday this week. #fingerscrossed. Here’s a recording of him from a hometown competition.

The Useful: Skitch 2.0 for my Apple friends. It looks awesome and I hope Evernote will bring it to the Android platform soon.

The Bizarre, but Catchy: I’m sure there’s a small handful of people who have not been exposed to either of these musical beauties. These songs will get in your head and not let go. Fair warning.

What Does the Fox Say? or What the Fox Say?

Dumb Ways to Die. or a song your 5-year-old will want to sing to her classmate, much to your horror. #coworkerproblem

I hear there’s a My Little Pony version of Dumb Ways to Die, but you’ll have to search for it yourself, if you really care.

Of course, I could have included the #hashtag sketch, but… #toocliche #justafad #whouseshashtagsanyway #notgonnadoit

Any good YouTube videos you’re dying to share?


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  1. That “Dumb Ways to Die” song is kind of amazing.

  2. Rachelle Cox

     /  September 29, 2013

    All the Youtube videos I like have super naughty language in them. But then, nobody is really surprised by my taste in Youtube. : D BTW, your glasses look adorable all nerded-up.

  3. oh girl…you crack me up. all kinds of good stuff on here!

  4. I love the dog playing in the leaves! I use Evernote daily, but I haven’t tried Skitch yet. What do you use it for most? I’m participating in #31Days with the Nester, too, so I’ll see you there!

  5. lindseylearns

     /  September 30, 2013

    What a fun way to do one of these posts! I may have to borrow that idea in the future. 🙂


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