Day 1: Rest from Expectations

Last night, I got my intro post up for #31Days and tweeted it to my friends, tagging the Nester. AND SHE REPLIED!


Now, I didn’t go all nutso fan-girl like I did when Nester’s sister, Emily Freeman posted a comment ON. MY. BLOG. (nutso fan-girl tweet), but still, it’s Nester. That’s pretty sweet.

Later yesterday evening, one of my elders commented about my blog series that he was interested in it because it follows along with what he will be preaching on this Sunday at Karis Church and then he posted the link to it on our internal church communications site. Whoa.

Later still, I was checking my stats (we all do this, right, bloggers?) and saw that I had hits from 6 different countries, which I’m pretty sure is a new record for my blog. Wow!

I’ve had a number of people I know and don’t know say how much a series on rest sounds like just what they need and they are looking forward to being blessed or they are sure that others will be blessed.

And I love hearing all of these. My goal is for my blog to reach others and to become a ministry.

But Whoa.

I’m suddenly feeling all this pressure. What if I don’t meet up to all these folks’ expectations? I’ve got to bring it. People are looking to me to have these fantastic insights on rest; I can’t let them down!

These are the thoughts swirling through my head even while I’m trying to brainstorm ideas for today’s post.

So I realize that, today, I need to rest from expectations. I want to put expectations on myself of how this 31 Day series will go based on my perception of your 31 Day series or what I think you must expect from me or even based on how my series on prayer went last year.

Rest from expectations.

I got myself in some hot water by collecting expectations about my marriage. Spurred in part by being surrounded by young married couples still in the honeymoon phase, I looked around and then looked inside and concluded that my marriage did not measure up. People around us are having babies and adopting children and I collect another expectation. A successful blogger’s career takes off; I collect another expectation.

Photo credit: Keenan Pepper (Creative Commons)

On one family vacation, my sister and I discovered quartz in the rocks on the property of our parents’ friends. I think we even visited a tourist trap selling quartz that was mined from the area. To our untrained eyes, it looked like diamonds. During that vacation we collected rocks. They were cool rocks. They were glittery rocks. And sometimes we could smash them open and find beautiful colors inside. That box of rocks sat on our back porch for months.

Those rocks are like my expectations. I gather them thinking of how beautiful they could be or how they will improve my life, but I end up carrying a box of rocks around. I don’t know, it’s not a perfect illustration. It came to me as I was typing.

The point is to rest.

Stop carrying around the weight of expectations, whether they be put on you by a family member, friends, society, or yourself.

Rest from these weights. Don’t try to measure up to someone else’s standards. Today, you are you. Trust that you are in God’s hands and He is working to make you all that you will be. He is making you new.

Rest today.

Breathe out – and release the hold of expectations on your life.

Breathe in – and trust the work of Christ in your life.


This is Day 1 of 31 Days of Rest, part of the Nester’s 31 Day challenge. Check out some of the other great blogs participating.


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  1. Peggy

     /  October 1, 2013

    Ah, yeah. Expectations. Those are a pain, aren’t they?! We’re our own worst enemy with them, and we love to keep puling those rocks up!!

  2. Expectations. Ugh. I’m with Peggy – a total pain! Thanks for writing this series and for reminding us to rest.

  3. Yes expectations!!! We all fall into that trap and truly lose our rest by carrying their weight , just like your example of the rocks… “Rest today.Breathe out – and release the hold of expectations on your life.Breathe in – and trust the work of Christ in your life.”the best answer! Blessings to you!!!!

  4. Thanks for this.

  5. Ethel M Miller

     /  October 2, 2013

    Praying for you as you look to the Lord for inspiration — it is His work you are being a part of to help remind us to slow down and rest. (Which I am doing right now –catching my breath.) Right now my sweet sister Ruthie is resting in the arms of Jesus — the ultimate rest. To me the idea of “rest” is linked with trust. The TV this morning churns out stuff that is trying to steal my peace of mind, my rest, my trust that God is still on the throne. This is why we need what the Lord will inspire you to write about. Bless you for accepting the challenge — I am praying for you. The Lord will use you to be a blessing to many. Thanks.

  6. YES. Thank you for the reminder. I too carry a lot of burdening expectations around.

  7. Love the way you write so naturally! (and a little bit loving that my tweet managed to sneak in the photo)
    I too have suddenly felt the pressure of having people interested in my series and a wider readership and ever before and am freaking out a little! Thank you for the reminder to put down the expectations and rest. I needed that.

    • LOL! I thought yours and Jen’s were perfect bookends. Glad you liked it (everyone follow EJ Reading on Twitter!). There’s a little extra pressure for you. 😀

      I’m learning through Five Minute Friday‘s that I have to write like I’m talking to someone or writing a letter to a far-away friend to make it real. Glad you came to visit!

  8. Resting from expectations has been THE major lesson that the Lord has been trying to teach me- for the past couple years! I think it will always be a struggle, but he has lovingly taught me so much. Great message here! Trusting His plan for us IS rest, isn’t it? When we get caught up in our own plans, weariness abounds!
    Just keep being faithful!


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