Day 16: A Letter to You (yes, you)

Dear Faithful Blog Readers (and anyone who ended up here because you clicked a common tag OR searched for a random phrase or word on Google and clicked over OR are spammers who keep trying to leave comments on my photos in foreign languages):

Welcome (all but you last creeps. Ok, creeps is too strong and you are welcome if you promise to read the post before you leave your spammy comment which I promise to not read).

Three things are very clear tonight.

  1. I am in a little bit of a silly mood.
  2. My high school letter writing technique of an abundance of parentheses is back.
  3. This post is not about rest (or is it?).

I started a post, trashed it, started another post, trashed it, got lost in my friend’s blog for awhile, checked Facebook, and here we are.

The 31 Days of Rest series is really difficult, especially when I’ve been running to the edges with life, leaving very thin margins, going to bed late and getting up early, and spending almost every evening at the computer working on the blog and other job-like tasks (but they’re all volunteer-based). My weekends have been filled with trying to get caught up. And I watched one 2 hour tv movie last Sunday and then felt like I wasted all this time, not because I thought that was too much tv, but because I have so much to do!

Yesterday, I didn’t post about rest, because I wanted to spend some time promoting Mary DeMuth’s new book. But, Monday? I took Monday off on purpose. There were a few other deadlines that had to be met. I had a little bit of reading to finish up before Lead School at 6am Tuesday morning. I wanted needed to get to bed early (which didn’t quite happen, but it was earlier than most of the month). At some point in the evening, I made the conscious decision to abandon my post (haha, get it?) and take the night off as far as the series was concerned.

The pressure to write meaningful posts is huge this month. I started with so many amazing comments from so many of you (including my awesome mom) about how much a series on rest would minister to you or to others. But, I’m not Ann Voskamp, Mary DeMuth, Lisa-Jo Baker, Emily Freeman, Sarah Markley…(whoops, I got sidetracked trying to figure out other amazing writers that I know. And yes, I left out a TON). When I try to write serious posts, I end up sounding a little bit phony (at least to myself), because – HELLO – I don’t have any of this crap figured out. I’m screwing stuff up on a daily basis. Like I said earlier, I’m trying to write about rest and not getting any of it myself this month.

I mentioned having a reading assignment for Lead School. For this Christian high school and college graduate, Lead School is kind of a refresher course in all things apologetics. Sort of. Not exactly.  But a little bit. This explains it better. It reminds me of some of my Bible classes, only this time I want to be there. There, that may be the perfect description.

This week’s class was on the Gospel. The main takeaway that has stuck with me for the past 40+ hours, is that our response to the Gospel is not a “one and done” event. We are saved only once. But we should be continually preaching the Gospel to ourselves and each other daily. What that means in light of my concerns over rest and writing the most amazing blog post that will refresh your spirit is this (and even here I may mess this up):

I have been saved by the grace of God, which gives me pardon and forgiveness that I did not/do not deserve. Even without deserving it, God gave it anyway. Jesus willingly gave up his life to pay the punishment that my wrongdoing did/does deserve. I have been adopted into the family of God. I am no longer a slave to sin; I am a child of God. I am freed from having to perform perfectly to be accepted, to be seen as valuable. I need to remind myself again that I write to glorify Him using the gifts I’ve been given. It is not to impress others. It is not because God needs me to spread the message of his grace. It is not to win accolades or fame or a book deal. Out of my love for God, as puny and weak as it is, I want to share this Gospel with others. In reminding you of the Gospel, I remind myself.

Come to think of it, I guess if we’re looking for somewhere to rest, the Gospel is about the safest place there is.

What do you know, today was day 16 of 31 Days of Rest. I didn’t expect we’d end up here when I began. Huh.
Tune in next time, when you never know what I’ll say. 🙂

Them, there, are Virginia mountains, them are.

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  1. Ethel Mller

     /  October 17, 2013

    See now !! You did have something about “rest” all mixed up there in your mind and heart that needed to be shared !! And when you shared it, you did it well. Happy , you even surprised yourself, huh? The past few months I’ve been drawn again and again to the thoughts of not holding grudges and forgiving people — that fits in nicely with Mary’s book about breaking down those wall around my heart — can”t wait to start reading it. When a thing comes “at” me from different sides, I pay attention. Physically, it is not helping me get the rest my body wants and needs, but my spirit is more at rest, knowing that the Lord is showing me something important. Frankly, I am surprised with memories of different people that “pop” into my mind. I didn’t realize how many incidents caused that wall to be erected. Thanks for reviewing her book and revealing to me ugly things in my heart.


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