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Joining Five Minute Friday for the first time this year. The writing prompt is encouragement. Set a timer and write for 5 minutes. Go.

This is my first post since mid-November.

Sad, really. I posted daily through October, but then burned out the rest of the year.

It’s because if I can’t have a perfect post, I don’t post at all. If I can’t put an image that inspires next to my words, it’s not worth the time. If I can’t be an Ann Voskamp or Emily Freeman or Mary DeMuth (or Lisa-Jo), why even try?

Of course, you see the lie. I do, too, when I look.
A) God didn’t make me to be those women. I can reach people that they may never have the chance to reach.
B) They didn’t start at the top. They started with faithfully writing and asking God to guide their words. They worked – and hard – to get the platform/tribe/following/whatever that they now have.
C) Hidden in those complaints and excuses is a deeper question:

For whom am I writing?

Is it for some Facebook friend who I hope to impress?
Is it for a Five Minute Friday reader?
Is it for my glory?

Is it for the Lord?

Today’s encouragement is mainly for myself (though you may feel it, too). Write, not for others, but for God. Write to glorify Him and spread the light of His truth.

Just write, or paint, or raise babies, or deliver babies, or clean houses, or sell tools, or clean teeth, or type letters, or park cars, or answer phones, or whatever you do…do it for the Lord.

Thanks for joining this edition of Five Minute Friday. You can go to Lisa Jo Baker’s blog to read more posts on Encouragement.


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  1. As a fellow blogger (and FMF-er) I too feel that pressure to make every word profound and witty… so much pressure that I often write nothing at all. This has been my worst few months. Thanks for the reminder. I needed that.

  2. Ethel Mller

     /  January 17, 2014

    Welcome back, Clay girlsings, I’ve missed you. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the wrong motives for what we do. Thanks for the reminder to do ALL for the Lord — He is the only One we need to please. Looking forward to more posts.

  3. How delighted I am to see you writing again! I needed this encouragement too so THANK YOU. I need to remind myself of this often… “Write, not for others, but for God. Write to glorify Him and spread the light of His truth.”
    You’ve been missed! I hope to see you over at TWW again but either way just glad to read your words.
    Much love,

  4. good for you – to pick up and start writing again. i mostly stopped about mid november as well, but for different reasons. appreciate how you shared your struggle.

  5. And in writing for Him, you may find that you enjoy just writing the words down. The best is when someone writes to you and tells you have much your words have encouraged them. These words certainly encourage me to continue.

  6. I am so happy to see you writing again! I have missed you!!! My dear sweet friend we are all uniquely made and each with wonderful gifts/talents he has given to us… We do not need to be anyone else apart from ourself… All we do and all we say are for His glory. He used simple fishermen who turned the world upside down… Keep writing… You are a blessing!!!! Sending you hugs and blessings… xoxoxox

  7. Reblogged this on Claygirlsings and commented:

    This was my Five Minute Friday post from a couple weeks ago. The prompt was encouragement, but it fits today’s prompt so well.
    Just write, Friends.

  8. It is so hard not to get caught up in the lies of not good enough but God has a plan just for us individually. Keep writing just for that Audience of One.

  9. I need to remind myself of this too, that I’m only writing for Him and He will then do with it what He wills. And I need to be okay with that! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.


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