Come by anytime for a visit

Five Minute FridayIt’s Five Minute Friday again. We write for 5 minutes, without aiming for perfection. Just write, link up with Lisa-Jo, and read/comment on someone else’s blog.

This week, the prompt is Visit:

I met up with a retiree during a Christmas holiday event. We reintroduced ourselves. It turns out we live in the same neighborhood. Just blocks apart.

Without hesitation she invited me over for coffee. “Come by anytime for a visit.”

I responded affirmatively, “Sounds lovely. I’ll have to do that.”

Did I mean it or was I just trying to sound friendly?

How often do I extend an open invitation for someone to drop by my house anytime? To not worry about interrupting my life or disrupting my plans?

Let’s try never. I worry about making a phone call to my sister because it might mess up dinner or a homeschooling lesson or laundry or something ridiculous.

Come by anytime for a visit.

tea time

I’d like that. I really would. I might be embarrassed at first, when I realize the state of my house or the amount of cat fur on that sunny spot on the sofa.

But deep down, I want to be known.

That includes my stacks of mail (has anyone really found a perfect solution for mail? I’d love to hear it, if you do.) or dirty dishes.

So, any local friends reading this? Take me up on it. Stop by anytime. Let’s get past the perfect facades and have a visit.

And that retired lady? I’m going to make plans to stop by her house soon.

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  1. Oh, how lovely! I wish I lived nearby so I could come over for a visit! I’m allergic to cats, but I’ll bring my own lint roller! And if you come up with a solution to the mail thing, please share with me, too!

  2. So true! We often throw that invite out there without really expecting anyone to take us up on it. If you are ever in the Blue Ridge mountains, I’d love for you to come on by for a visit in my house. I promise I won’t hide my stack of mail!

  3. So true, that those open ended invitations are the scariest. Both to make and receive! But I’d love to live in that place of openness as well, just able to knock and stop in, or welcome interruptions… so counter cultural, but I wish it wasn’t. Nice me to meet you! Stopping by from Five Minute Friday πŸ™‚

  4. karrileea

     /  January 23, 2014

    Oh I LOVE this so much! (I read a post by Shauna Neiquist last year over at Storyline and it was all about entertaining friends and neighbors and oh it just sort of undid me! Now – we do more spontaneous gatherings and dinner parties, coffee dates, etc. It really did free me up!) I hope your local friends really DO take you up on this! There is just nothing better than an unplanned coffee date with a girlfriend!

  5. What a fun invitation! I wish I lived closer. πŸ™‚ Wishing you many, happy chats over coffee! Blessings and happy Friday…thank you for your words tonight!

  6. Oh yes, how often we say this . . . not nothing comes of it. How many really want a REAL invitation for a REAL visit (or visitor)!. AND, I have enjoyed my visit on your blog! Come to mine for a visit too! πŸ™‚

  7. “Deep down I want to be known.” This truly resonates with me. If I lived closer, I’d come for a visit!

    • That sentence came out without thought. It’s so true for so many of us. If you’re ever driving through Missouri, let me know!

  8. I have been amazed at how much deeper friendships can go when you get to that place where you truly can say “just drop by anytime” and MEAN it! It’s funny how I have always desired that very thing, but it has taken me awhile to understand that means that people will see the good, the bad and the ugly (and that is such an incredibly freeing thing!).
    No clue on the mail issue! πŸ™‚

  9. Wow, I love this….although it makes me shutter. I’m always so impressed when people extend such welcomes, but I relate much more to what you’re saying here. This… “Let’s get past the perfect facades and have a visit.” is profound. I pray I can. Thanks for the encouragement! Blessings

  1. FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY ~ Visit | Writing Canvas

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