You are a hero (minus the cape)

You, my friend, are a hero.

Didn’t know that, did you? As clueless as Lois Lane working alongside Clark Kent, you have no idea of the hero inside you. Cue Whitney Houston song…scratch that. Moving on.

You are a hero. Once in a great while, someone might see that. An author or celebrity might realize it. Most of us miss it.

Look around you. Who is watching you? It might be a child, your own or a friend’s. It might be a lonely neighbor, a disconnected coworker or classmate.

Think about it. There are people who have touched your life deeply, but you never told them. An upperclassman who was kind. An unexpected friend when the world seemed against you. A helping hand from a stranger. A friendly coworker. A camp counselor who took time to learn your name. Someone who made you feel known. Seen. Accepted.

I can almost guarantee there is someone watching your life. Someone who looks up to you. You may never even know it this side of eternity.

But, friend, you are a hero to that one. Make someone feel known and you become a hero to that person. You don’t even need a cape to prove it.


This has been another adventure with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday community. The prompt this week is Hero. Pop on over to her blog to read other great posts.

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  1. Beautiful! I too am energized by this Five Minute Friday group… and I must say… I always find deep encouragement when reading what everyone writes. You have spoken true encouragement to me today- words I needed. Who knew?! Thank you for being a hero tonight! Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. I think this was what I was aiming at trying to say but couldn’t find the words! Thanks!

  3. Thank you for your post! It’s lovely. Nice to meet you in the blog world 🙂

  4. Ethel

     /  January 31, 2014

    All I can say is “WOW” !!! You are absolutely right about never knowing who is watching you live your life and YOU are the example (HERO) to them. Someone reminded me of that very thing when I was 19 years old and it shocked me think I was influencing a younger person, We need to be reminded of that and you did a wonderful way to do it, Thanks

  1. Five Minute Friday: A Queen for My HERO | Writing Canvas
  2. Writing Canvas

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