Exciting news (why I haven’t been writing lately)

I love, love, love, love, love my church.

No, it’s not perfect; neither am I. Yes, there probably are hypocrites; I’m probably one of them in some area. It’s definitely filled with people who have sinned and who have recognized God’s grace on them to rescue them from the damnation due all of us for rebelling against a holy God. It’s filled with broken people who are healing. It’s filled with grace (karis).

Easter was a powerful time of gathering in worship in Karis Church. On our last song of the day, the instruments fell silent and everyone’s voices were raised singing victoriously, In Christ Alone. I was so taken by the sound of all our voices that I stopped singing and recorded the audio from my phone. Here, with photos taken by Shalonda Farrow that day, is what I heard:

(I’m sorry, I can’t figure out why this won’t play on smartphones. If you have tips, I’d love to hear them. The video is posted on youtube.)

Our young church is growing. It’s exciting to watch it grow. And we’re feeling the growing pains right now in a huge way.


A church in town is closing its doors and they decided, rather than selling what was left, to give their building to our young church. Incredible.

It’s not a new building and it’s not ideally laid out for today’s congregation. The lobby is small and cramped; there’s no space to check in children for Karis Kids or gather over a cup of coffee. It needs to be updated with sound and media equipment for showing song lyrics and scripture passages on-screen.

Demo galsAnd so, our mostly 20-somethings congregation is seeking to raise $50,000 to ready the facility to be a Gathering Place. We’ve already started construction and have made the auditorium larger by knocking out a few closets and small classrooms. Our pastor recently outlined the full vision on his blog. It. is. exciting!

So, this is partly why I’ve been so vacant from my blog. There’s exciting stuff going on and I’m in the thick of it. I’ve been helping with some of the organizational, behind-the-scenes stuff. I got to take some pictures last weekend of the first demolition day. There’s some fun pictures of that on our church’s Facebook page. Did I mention how exciting this is?

Would you pray with me for God to provide the money we need?

Would you pray for the work that needs to be done in such a short period of time?

Would you pray for God to bless the ministry of Karis Church as we seek to share the gospel of Christ with our community, across our state and the world?

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  1. I will be lifting your church up in prayer, Janice. Your excitement radiates through what you have written here. Blessings.

  2. rachelleonsouthprovidence

     /  June 13, 2014


    (Love it. And you.)

    • And mah blog is all the better for it. At least I didn’t go with the stink face from the other shot. 😉 We are so grateful to have you and yours as part of the family of Karis.

  3. Ethel M Miller

     /  June 13, 2014

    Yes, Janice, it really is exciting to see the Lord at work on behalf of His people. Who ever heard of being “given” a building!!??? That is itself is enough to know the Lord wants Karis to shine for Him in Columbia and through your lives. May you continue to see Him working with you and for you in this endeavor. Blessings.


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