Day 14: Hear our hearts cry out

I’m just going to put this right here.

Seriously, though, this song by Vertical Church Band recently shuffled into play on my iPod and I ended up listening to it about five times in a row. From the first word, the focus is solely on worshiping God. I love that. Please listen to it. I think you’ll like it, too.

Holy, Holy, You are God Almighty
And You reign victorious over all the earth
Holy, Holy, You are God Almighty
Yes, You reign victorious over all the earth

Let Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done
Here on earth as it is in heaven
And to Your renown hear our hearts cry out
Singing “Holy is the Lord”

God of Glory see Your victory story
In the lives of those who gather at the cross
Rock of ages be adorned with praises
As Your people raise their voice in thanks and love

Focus with me on the true kingdom right now. Hear our hearts cry out – Holy is the Lord!
Do you have a favorite song that focuses your heart on worship of our God?

crushing your kingdoms

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the way music can just grab us by the soul and speak all the things we don’t know how to say. The Spirit uses it so powerful, doesn’t He. This song is new to me, but so glad to have found it. I look forward to exploring your other posts in this series.

    • Thanks, Beth. I love music, so there are a number of music posts scattered throughout my blog. You can put “music” in the search box (on the right sidebar) and get a number of them in one swoop. 🙂

  3. I’m praising the Lord with you.
    Thank you for sharing the song.

  4. As a long time church choir member (in various choirs and different churches), I have a wide range of songs that I love that usually bring me to a deeper place of worship. I’ll admit that right now, not really any of the usual songs stir my spirit, but there are still some that I find lovely both in word and in music. Perhaps one of those, one day, will stir something in me again. One of these songs is a hymn called “O God, Beyond All Praising.” I first encountered it when I was asked to sing as part of a choir for our diocese’s annual priestly ordination Mass a few years back. It was the processional hymn that was sung as all the priests and deacons and our bishop came into the cathedral. Something about seeing all those men who so selflessly follow after God with their very lives coming together to celebrate Holy Mass and ordain a new group of men to the priesthood really brought alive the lyrics of the song. Here’s a little of the lyrics:

    “O God, beyond all praising,
    We worship You today
    And sing the love amazing
    That songs cannot repay.
    For we can only wonder
    At every gift You send
    At blessings without number
    And mercies without end
    We lift our hearts before You
    And wait upon Your Word
    We honor and adore You
    Our Great and Mighty Lord!”

    Here’s a link to a YouTube video that has a lovely version of this:

    • Thanks for sharing this, Therese. What a lovely hymn. I really like the lyrics of the bridge in that video:
      “for Christ the gift from heaven from death has set us free, and we through him are given
      the final victory!”


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