The Lover Of Your Soul Sings Over You


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Here’s the thing, just as money can’t buy happiness, having a love in your life doesn’t guarantee you will feel loved.

It just doesn’t.

There is only One who loves perfectly. No other love will satisfy. Not fully. Not forever. The whole “you complete me” bit? It’s only gonna be found in one place, and that’s God.

He is your bridegroom, singing over his Beloved.

I adore this song by Kari Jobe. It’s a prayer, one that the Lover of your soul sings for you throughout Scripture.

Listen to it and read the lyrics below. There are verses embedded throughout this song, some of which I’ve listed by each line. If you mouse over them, you’ll see the phrases that are echoing throughout the Bible – a love song for you.

Soak in this prayer by your Bridegroom:


Where were you 15 years ago?


Today, Tom and I celebrate 15 years of marriage. Wow, how exciting is that!?!

When it came time to plan our wedding, I knew I didn’t want to get hit with anything, like rice or birdseed, so we opted for a balloon release instead. The idea was that as we went by everyone would release their balloons in a cascade of balloons. Then Tom and I had a trash bag full of them to release ourselves as a big finale.

It would be so beautiful.


What we underestimated were the vindictive natures of our closest friends and family.

Instead a gentle balloon release, we were pummeled with the balloons as we raced by trying to escape. I think the pictures say it well. Tom ended up shielding me from the brunt of most of the blows. 🙂

Good times. Good times.

I’ve previously shared on the blog the two-part story of how Tom proposed, and you know how I love weddings. But, rather than go through the sappy details of our wedding, I have a different idea to celebrate our anniversary today.

I would love to hear from you. 


In chatting with a friend who celebrated a birthday yesterday, I realized that he was 10 years old when we got married.

It got me to thinking.

Where were you 15 years ago? How old were you or what were you doing in August of 1998? Did something significant happen in your life in the fall of ’98?

Would you celebrate with us today by sharing your story in the comments?


I can’t wait to read them!

And to Tom, at first like a big brother, then best friend, and now lover, thank you for the past 15 years. I can’t wait to see what God does in our lives in the next 15!

Much love, Your LBM

(and to this day, no one has guessed what LBM stands for)

Okay, it’s your turn. Tell me your stories!

Take a stab at LBM if you want, but keep it clean. Best guesses ever: Lip Burnin’ Mama and Love Butter Monkey! 😀

Seeing God’s Glory All Around


Since the temperature has dropped a bit, I slipped out on the back deck tonight with a drink and my music to practice for Sunday morning.

If you’re at all like me, when you find yourself in a quiet space outdoors and the sky begins to kaleidoscope in hues of blue, purple and pink with the setting sun, you’re gonna look up and watch the sky at some point.

Thou rushing wind that art so strong
Ye clouds that sail in heaven along

These are the words that floated through my ear buds as I watched a drifting cloud.

Thou rising moon in praise rejoice
Ye lights of evening find a voice

And then I realized fireflies were dancing around me.

Let all things their Creator bless
And worship him in humbleness

Now the rhythms of the cicadas and crickets catch my ear.

Oh, doesn’t your breath catch sometimes with a glimpse of God’s glory?

I know there are times when God feels distant and you think your prayers don’t go past the ceiling. I know that sometimes there are hurts and pain that are mountains high and healing seems or is unreachable this side of eternity.

But the in-between times, when you just glance around and see a bigger picture than the one you usually focus on?


Can you join me? If not right now, then later today, or this week? Stop and look for God’s glory that is shining out around you.

All creatures of our God and King
Lift up your voice and with us sing
O Praise Him!

20130629_195854 (640x358)

Praise! Praise the Father! Praise the Son!
And praise the Spirit, Three-in-One!

O Praise Him.


Want watch/listen to the whole song? Find it here.

What did you notice? Would you like to share it in a comment?


No Time To Grumble

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Photo credit: Cali4beach (Creative Commons)

There’s a tendency in me to grumble and complain. It’s easier for me to see the dark side than the light. The glass is half empty. The penny is tails up.

I’ve been reading through the Pentateuch recently – the first five books of the Bible, containing the Law. Where most of the Thou Shalts and Thou Shalt Nots are found. The Israelites? Yeah, they knew a thing or two about grumbling.

They’re freed from slavery, but Moses brought them to the desert to starve. They’re given food in the desert, but there’s no meat. They find a place to rest, but the water’s bad. God guides them daily with fire or a cloud, but he’s led them out there to die.

The story that really gets me is Korah’s rebellion in Numbers 16. This guy, Korah, gets 250 men to rebel against Moses. And God’s like, Oh no, you didn’t. So he warns Moses and Aaron that he’s going to punish the rebels and for everyone to stay clear of them. Then fire comes from heaven and kills Korah and the ground opens up and swallows the rebels and all their possessions. Hello? Get the picture, Israel? Don’t mess with God!

Then Numbers 16:41 – this blows me away, if I didn’t see the seeds of it in myself – “But on the next day all the congregation of the people of Israel grumbled against Moses and against Aaron…” The VERY. NEXT. DAY.  This time there was no warning, God just started punishing them with a plague. Moses and Aaron rush out to make atonement for the people, but before the plague is stopped over 14,000 people die.

When I read Psalm 44 in light of the passage in Numbers, two things jump out at me:

1) This psalm is attributed to the sons of Korah. Descendants of the one who began that rebellion.

2) The flow of the psalm makes it appear that maybe they have learned from the past.

So these sons of Korah are obviously undergoing some challenging circumstance. They talk about being rejected and disgraced. They have lost battles against their enemies and been sold into slavery. They say that people laugh at them and scorn them. It’s a rough time.

But they don’t grumble. The psalm is book-ended, beginning and end, with hope. It begins with a reminder of all that God has done in the past, deeds performed in days of old. And it ends with a call for God to come to their rescue and redeem them once again.

If I spend more time remembering all that God has done in the past and asking for him to help with the challenges I face today, I don’t think I’d have time for grumbling. It’s time to start seeing the glass as half full and to recognize that, heads or tails, I found a penny!

I’m Walking Through the Psalms at Everyday Awe.

What I’m Grateful for Today

Thus far, 2013 is turning out to be a great! year! Here’s a quick recap of a few things I’m grateful for this week. Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

  • Sparkling sunshine on snow-covered grass.
  • Chapter Ten of Beyond Ordinary by Justin & Trisha Davis. I can’t wait to share more about this book with you! However, my designated day on the blog tour is the 16th, so we’ll all just have to hold our collective breath until then.
  • The best kind of blizzard – one swirled with chocolate.
  • Simply, grace.
  • My husband’s smell – cuz he smells good!


Avoiding a Case of the Mondays

First Monday of the new year! Hurray! Hoping to avoid getting a case of the Mondays this year…

…I’m linking up with Ann Voskamp and the 1000 gifts community.

The building momentum has been so interesting to watch:

An autumn conversation with a beloved sister. How can we live lives of gratitude. A mention of a book.

Secret journals begun.

A dinner table tradition of a dad pulling out a blessings book and each child and parent calling out an addition to their blessings.

A Christmas present spreads the call to count our gifts.

Familial conversations continue the reminders of all that God has given us.

A teary-eyed husband shares his own new journal and first entry to his wife.

One word for 2013.

A gentle reminder from a friend.

So, to start off my list, I can’t help but think of the holiday we just shared:

A special present

It’s Sander’s Fudge!

I’m so grateful that we could spend Christmas with Mom, my sister and her family, and my brother and his girlfriend.

We enjoyed a special gift of Sander’s Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge, hand-delivered from Michigan.

I keep reminding myself how lovely it was to spend a week in the warmer climate of Florida.

How lovely the Christmas lights looked when covered with a (thankfully light) layer of snow.

Surprises from Tom to welcome me home.

I keep thinking back on how delightful it is to share Christmas with a child (or in my case, three). Their enjoyment of every present, the older ones’ excitement to have their gifts opened by others, and the joy of experiencing the simple delights of the season anew.

The littlest one, not yet three, clapped in wonder when they made it snow (in Florida!) at a Christmas light show. And this precious moment, captured after placing Baby Jesus before Mary and Joseph on Christmas Day…

Worship the Christ Child

…may we, with awe, worship Christ throughout this year and look for the gifts that God gives us everyday.


How to (not) be miserable

Last fall, I celebrated the big 4-0.

Years ago, for a friend’s 40th, her husband got all her girlfriends together for a surprise slumber party while he & their boys went elsewhere for the night. I loved the idea and ever since have said I wanted a big party for my 40th birthday. So with much help from Pinterest, I managed to pull off a lovely turquoise, yellow & grey candlelit evening party. Twenty five of my friends and coworkers came to help me celebrate my birthday in style. My husband even surprised me by flying my sister (aka best friend) up from Florida to celebrate with me! (more…)

Embracing the Gifts

Rainy days in Mrs. Robert’s 4th grade meant the chance to play Heads Up Seven Up. My eyes tightly shut and head down on my desk, I’d wait and listen. If footsteps came close, I might be picked; I had to be ready and I did NOT want to make a mistake. Sometimes, though, in the quiet room, the darkness behind my eyes would make me sleepy and I would drift off.

I’m learning that I need to watch just as intently for (more…)

You can go your own way (or play fetch)

I spent my lunch hour Thursday walking through campus, praying and thinking. This weekend was Mizzou’s 100th Homecoming celebration, so there was a ton of activity everywhere I walked. Of course, all that activity distracted me from praying, so I finally decided to rest on a bench at Peace Park. Most of the trees are still green there and the sunlight filtered through them in a beautiful and relaxing way, sparkling on the water running through the creek.

Gorgeous fall day

My heart didn’t feel quite so tranquil, but I found the space that was needed (more…)

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