God’s Got This – a peek into His sovereign will

berries of winterWe all have ideas of how we expect things to go in life. We make plans and expect they will turn out as we planned. Large project or small, we start down a course with a set expectation.

Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s an epic mess. Sometimes we end up with our own version of a Pinterest Fail.

I’m at Camp CUMCITO this week. We planned to have a fully staffed week. We planned to be able to fill the camp with campers. My husband planned to be here with me. My church planned to have a team of 15 people and bring 25 local campers with us.

God’s been teaching me a lot about His sovereignty lately. I had a refresher course a couple of months ago during a class my church taught. God’s in control. He’s so much bigger than my plans. God doesn’t scramble to figure out Plan B. For Him, there is no Plan B. It’s all His Plan A.

Basically, God’s got this.

I’m here at camp as a team of five from my church – not 15. I’m so glad that these four came with me. I’m so thrilled that they committed to serve. God planned exactly who should be here this year.

We ran into difficulties in getting parents on board and ended up not being able to bring any campers with us this year. God is not surprised by this.

My husband had a flare-up of back pain and is not able to work right now, let alone serve a week at camp, so I’m here without him. God orchestrated that he would be home and I would be here.

We not expecting to have a full camp. Campers weren’t able to attend this week for various reasons and we think we’ll be short about 30 campers. God knows and planned the exact campers who will step off the bus on Monday.

We have not been able to find enough volunteers to work at camp this week. Not sure if it’s the Independence Day holiday or what. We are short about 12 staff positions and people are having to stretch and do double-duty and get creative about how we make ends meet. Even this is part of God’s plan.

Not one single bit of this is a surprise to God. While we do all we can to fill the gaps and make plans, God knows exactly who will be here. He’s in charge of exactly what will happen this week. He is in control.

God’s got this.

Maybe there’s something in your life that’s not going according to your plan. Perhaps it seems like everything is falling apart. God is over all. He is at work in your life with His Plan A. He’s got this. I hope you can trust in that today.

winter berries


Present and Ready to Serve

Staff greets arriving campers

My present is that I’m at camp.

It’s hot. There are bugs.

On Monday there will be 96 excited, tired, hungry campers here.

My present is to set aside my own wants, demands, comforts, desires.

I am here to serve.

From nearly the moment of setting foot/tire on the camp grounds, it’s been running through my head. I’m here to serve. I’m here to be available. I’m here to offer what I have. I’m here to pour out.

This time is not about me. This week is about others, not just the campers, but the 60+ staff. I am here to serve.

Campers listening to instructions before going in to lunch

Campers listening to instructions before going in to lunch

Lord, please help me to keep remembering to stay out of the way this week. This is not about me. This week is about you. It’s about serving others. It’s a here I am, use me kind of week.

Tonight is that big breath I mentioned before – the in-between, getting ready moment. It’s still a moment to serve and help someone else. It’s still a moment to be ready.

The full staff arrive tomorrow. Campers on Monday.

While I serve this week, would you pray for the staff and campers at Camp CUMCITO? It’s a hard, challenging week. We push the limits in so many ways – physically and spiritually. Pray for God to move in a mighty way while we serve.


This was a Five Minute Friday post! Five minutes on the timer, no major editing. This week, the prompt was PRESENT (click to read other great FMF posts).

My hope is to post again during the week, but I may not be able to based on time, energy, and wifi availability. Thanks for reading and for praying for me and everyone at Camp CUMCITO this week!

Two years ago, I wrote a post with more details about what Camp CUMCITO is all about. There’s also a camp blog, if you want to see what happens during camp.

Camp CUMCITO – On our way

As I type, Tom and I are en route to Camp CUMCITO for a week of fun, sweat and bugs. Camp CUMCITO (City Union Mission’s Camp In The Ozarks) has been operating for 70+ years, taking low income children out of Kansas City for a week of fun in the country. For this year I will be working as chapel assistant. My duties are varied, but consist mainly of helping the chapel teacher for the week in whatever capacity he/she may require. In past years, I’ve done motions for songs, led relay races, helped groups brainstorm word pictures, played an extra in a skit, ran the sound system, made a PowerPoint presentation, and even acted as time-keeper so we wouldn’t run over the session.

This is my sixth year to volunteer at CUMCITO since we moved to Missouri. (more…)

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