Day 20: When Fighting Unbelief

Indelible Grace Music has retuned an old Isaac Watts hymn. We’ll be singing it at Karis tomorrow morning. I love when a song can be sung as a cry from the heart to the Lord.

This is just a sampling of the lyrics, some of my favorite lines.  The lyrics seem to range from every high and low:  from obedience, to unbelief, to acknowledging unworthiness, to hearing the call and, finally, to answering with ringing confidence in Christ. Whew! Powerful words, Mr. Watts. (more…)

Day 10: When You Need To Come Clean

A few months ago, I found myself alone on a Saturday night with nothing to do and a free preview of premium movie channels on TV. Tom and I take advantage of those free preview weekends to record movies that we missed in the theaters or favorites that we haven’t seen in a while.

uncover your eyes, it's all a lie

(Photo credit: stars alive)

But on this lonely Saturday, I watched a film that I originally wanted to see when it showed at our local theater. Reviews that made the plot sound a little too dark for my preference stopped me from seeing it. Turns out, the movie was disturbing. At one point, I asked myself why I was watching it (because a lot of friends had said it was so good). Later in the movie, I actually put my hand up to block the screen from my view, like I did as a child during a scary scene (tell me I’m not the only one who did does that). (more…)

How to (not) be miserable

Last fall, I celebrated the big 4-0.

Years ago, for a friend’s 40th, her husband got all her girlfriends together for a surprise slumber party while he & their boys went elsewhere for the night. I loved the idea and ever since have said I wanted a big party for my 40th birthday. So with much help from Pinterest, I managed to pull off a lovely turquoise, yellow & grey candlelit evening party. Twenty five of my friends and coworkers came to help me celebrate my birthday in style. My husband even surprised me by flying my sister (aka best friend) up from Florida to celebrate with me! (more…)

Penny for your thoughts

How much are your thoughts worth today? What value would you place on them?

I started this post listing out all the self-chatter that goes on in my head in any given day. It consisted primarily of berating myself, complaining about anything  everything, fantasizing, and comparing. They weren’t very valuable thoughts. You probably don’t need to hear my chatter because I’d bet there’s a personalized live stream in your own head.
I’m right, aren’t I? (more…)

The danger of wearing a mask

It can be dangerous to wear a mask.

wearing a mardi gras mask

Tonight: a fun event with a colorful mask, but I wasn’t quite myself. A little too loud, a bit too enthusiastic – not really a problem since I’m rather reserved most of the time and after all it was a party. Hiding behind the mask, I felt the freedom to be more outgoing and vivacious. But as the night wore on there was an alteration. The mask felt more normal, a part of me – truly, it was starting to stick to my skin, but the smile below the mask began to feel false, too.

The danger to be not quite true, not quite me was strong. (more…)

Musical Monday – This Is The Stuff

Wow, did I drop off the face of the interwebs for the past month! Ugh, I was off to such a great start with the blog – made it for 10 posts and three months and then WHAM. Well, more accurately, then crickets.

I’ve been busy and have several post drafts, but I just haven’t taken the time to post them. There’s also been this huge crafting bug that bit me. I’ve already done several projects with more lined up. The plan is to start a new page, Claygirlcrafts. 🙂 More on that in days to come.


This is the stuff that gets under my skin. If there’s one thing that irritates me faster than anything else, it would have to be bad driving. In my opinion, I’m not a bad driver and my record supports that. In nearly 24 years of driving, I’ve only been pulled over twice – only once given a speeding ticket, – and been involved in one accident where I was hit by a parked, unoccupied car. (more…)

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