What I learned in September: nerd edition


On my birthday, I managed to break my glasses while I was on my last pair of contacts. I looked nerdier than usual for a few days until I discovered I could crazy glue my glasses together. The first attempt worked until I took my glasses off to clean them and they fell into 2 pieces again. On the second attempt, I got them to stick, then poured glue all around the outer edge of the crack to be sure it was a solid connection. They did stick to my nose briefly, but no lasting harm. ūüėÄ

Anyway, September was a whirlwind and October looks to be doubly so:

On to a few things I learned in September. These are more about things I discovered on YouTube. Enjoy.

The Cute: A dog who loves to play in the leaves. Perfect for fall.

The Inspirational: Made Alive by Citizens. We sang this in Karis Church and I loved it right away.

The Voice: I found out my friend’s brother, John Travis, auditioned for The Voice. His audition hasn’t been shown yet, so we’re hoping to see it on Monday or Tuesday this week. #fingerscrossed. Here’s a recording of him from a hometown competition.

The Useful: Skitch 2.0 for my Apple friends. It looks awesome and I hope Evernote will bring it to the Android platform soon.

The Bizarre, but Catchy: I’m sure there’s a small handful of people who have not been exposed to either of these musical beauties. These songs will get in your head and not let go. Fair warning.

What Does the Fox Say? or What the Fox Say?

Dumb Ways to Die. or a song your 5-year-old will want to sing to her classmate, much to your horror. #coworkerproblem

I hear there’s a My Little Pony version of Dumb Ways to Die, but you’ll have to search for it yourself, if you really care.

Of course, I could have included the #hashtag sketch, but… #toocliche #justafad #whouseshashtagsanyway #notgonnadoit

Any good YouTube videos you’re dying to share?


Six Things I Learned in August – brought to you by the Letter ‘S’

I’m joining Emily Freeman in sharing things we learned each month. This month, to spice things up, is brought to you by the Letter ‘S.’ See what I did there? Spice starts with ‘s.’ Okay, I’m getting carried away. On to the list…

  • Silly: ¬†Where a rubber ducky dumped into the ocean in 1992 will end up in 2007 and what the world looks like based on number of McDonald’s locations.¬†

    Here are 40 different maps to help you make sense of the world¬†at Twisted Sifter. They are fascinating and worth spending some time on, so click the link after you read the rest of my post (or promise to come back!). #19 –¬†Map of Where 29,000 Rubber Duckies Made Landfall After Falling off a Cargo Ship in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean – is my favorite.

  • Serious: The Wall Around Your Heart launches in October and I made the Launch Team.

    You may have heard me mention this book once¬†or twice. I’m seriously excited to be a part of this, not just for the experience, which so far is a blast, but I think The Wall Around Your Heart applies to everyone, since we have all been hurt in relationships at some point in life.
    Wall Around Your Heart Launch Team

  • Simple: A celebration doesn’t have to be elaborate to be memorable.¬†

    We celebrated our 15 year anniversary in August. Earlier, I was disappointed we could not have a romantic getaway. Instead, we ended up with a week-long of simple little celebrations in the middle of life. Tom even took me to a painting party class. And all the simple things added up to a wonderful remembrance of our wedding day and all the years since.

  • Sad: The Back-to-School season (BTS) is becoming one of the saddest times of year.

    After hearing the doctor say we would never have children of our own, Mother’s Day had definitely become the hardest holiday. But BTS season is hard, with the increase of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts of all the kiddos’ first day back at school. Midwest schools started in August, but my East Coast friends start up this week, so the BTS season is even extended thanks to social media. Not only do I not have photos for all my virtual friends to see, but I’m reminded during this time of the milestones I’m missing in my non-existent children’s lives. Sad, but true.

  • Superior: Android is superior to iPhone.

    In August we switched cell providers, which gave me the opportunity to switch to an iPhone. I had been using a Samsung GS3 and I switched to an iPhone 5. Twelve days later, I went back to my carrier and traded the iPhone for a new GS4. I only miss two things from the iPhone: its smaller size (better for my hands) and the power button on top of the phone rather than on the right side. In every other way, for me, the Android is the superior phone. It was nice knowing you, Siri, but so long.

  • Surreal: Crafting with Cat Hair is an actual book.

    They sell it on Amazon and it even has 48 5-star reviews. Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with your Cat¬†was written by Japanese author, Kaori Tsutaya, as a fun way to recycle your cat’s fur, making the most out of shedding season. It makes a great gift for that special someone.

I hope you enjoyed the Letter ‘S’ edition of Things I Learned! Check back at the end of September to see what letter is next and what interesting items I picked up during the month!

Chatting At The Sky also has other bloggers who are sharing their month’s tidbits as well, if you want to check out more interesting things.

Christmas Movie Quotes – The Answers

Did you figure out the Christmas movie quotes? Here are the answers! (more…)

Do You Really Know Your Favorite Christmas Movies?


scantron (Photo credit: COCOEN daily photos – Creative Commons)

Ready for a quiz? Get your No. 2 pencils out!

For a little fun this holiday season, here are some relatively obscure quotes from Christmas movies. Do you know which movies these are from?

No Cheating! ūüėČ

I’ll share the correct answers in a separate post.


Brilliant! You reject your own nose because it represents the glitter of commercialism! (more…)

An expected, yet surprising proposal

Did you read yesterday’s post? It was the first half of a big Valentine’s Day date that Tom and I had 14 years ago. When you last left us, we were in the car headed to Manassas, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C. and I was fairly sure Tom would propose at some point in the evening.

What part of this sentence is not realistic: ¬†Let’s drive up to D.C. on Valentine’s Day and just randomly pick a restaurant and expect to get a table without having to wait and with no reservations?¬†Have you ever tried to go out for dinner, especially in a big city, on Valentine’s Day? Restaurants are packed that night, and even more so when Feb. 14¬†falls on a Saturday! It was at this point that I apparently took leave of my senses. Blinded by love, perhaps. I cannot explain it.

What I knew: ¬†We arrived (more…)

When a stranger on the phone is a good thing

“Tom’s going to be late, but you have a package outside your door.”

These words, heard over the phone in a strange male voice, were odd words. Odd because A) it was 8am, not normal package delivery times; and B) Tom is never late.

It was Saturday, Valentine’s Day, 1998. Tom and I had a full day planned: breakfast at a local restaurant, cavern exploring in the Shenandoah Valley, and ending with a dress-up dinner near Washington D.C. I’m a sufficient enough control freak that I liked (more…)

A Time to Laugh

Proverbs tells us, “A joyful heart is good medicine.”

I’m in the mood to share a few things around the interwebs that have made me laugh lately. I hope you enjoy them, too.

If you find yourself in a pool with a window, what else is there to do but to film yourself doing something funny. @TrippCrosby asked his Twitter followers for suggestions. The resulting video is fantastic, although the author purports that this was in no way planned. You be the judge.

Check out more of Tripp’s work at¬†trippcrosby.com.

Tripp and @TylerStanton partner together on a number of hilarious projects. My all-time favorite is Bowlin’, with Chris Tomlin.

I also like their¬†Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not in a Pool.

And finally, because it came up in conversation yesterday and still makes me laugh out loud, I present Bizkit, the Sleepwalking Dog:

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