Day 27: The Majesty and Glory

River of Stars

Photo credit: herbraab (Creative Commons)

All I can do today is worship God.For today at least, let’s look away from our hurts and pain, turning instead to the amazing splendor of our great God.

Soak in the delights of our Lord.

Feast on the power and majesty of our God.

Let this be the whetting of your appetite for tomorrow’s corporate worship with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. (more…)


Day 20: When Fighting Unbelief

Indelible Grace Music has retuned an old Isaac Watts hymn. We’ll be singing it at Karis tomorrow morning. I love when a song can be sung as a cry from the heart to the Lord.

This is just a sampling of the lyrics, some of my favorite lines.  The lyrics seem to range from every high and low:  from obedience, to unbelief, to acknowledging unworthiness, to hearing the call and, finally, to answering with ringing confidence in Christ. Whew! Powerful words, Mr. Watts. (more…)

Day 14: When Praise Is All You Can Muster

The first time I met the woman who would become my mother-in-law, she was quite blunt with me.

Because his mom was visiting, Tom had invited a bunch of friends to his house after church to hang out (he and I were only friends at that time).  Being of a melancholy disposition, I was kind of bummed that night – for no particular reason. When his mom asked me if I was coming, I indicated that I wasn’t really feeling like being around people. And she said, this woman I’d only just met,

You just need to go praise the Lord!”

Excuse me? Who do you think you are?

I didn’t say this, not wanting to be rude, but really!?! (more…)

Day 9: When You Need God (and when don’t we?)

I love the retuned or rehymned movement going on now, where an old hymn gets revived with a new melody. By far, my favorites come from Indelible Grace and this recent find off the live The Hymn Sing album became an immediate favorite.

The old hymn, “I Need Thee Every Hour,” has such powerful words that fit so many of us.

Sing it peacefully; sing it pleadingly. Shout it in anguish; whisper it when near despair. It’s a confident statement of faith; and it’s a desperate cry for help. (more…)

Day 2: When Everything Is Taken Away

In the middle of an afternoon of baking, I suddenly dropped to my knees, overwhelmed by the meaning of this song.

It’s Job, the guy who had it all – land, wealth, children, respect. And, in the space of a breath, everything is ripped away.

Job mourns, he even questions God; but he refuses to curse God or blame him. He finally gets to the point where he gives God all the praise. Imagine, in the middle of complete loss, with loved ones gone, possessions gone, and health taken away; he can say, “May the name of the Lord be praised!”

And I think I have it hard. (more…)

Outside of time, into eternity

Most of us are vigilantly aware of time. How fast it goes while on vacation or how slow it moves when stuck in class or a meeting. There’s a great conversation about time and timelessness between C. S. Lewis and Sheldon Vanauken in my favorite book, A Severe Mercy. Vanauken writes:

Time is our natural environment. We live in time as we live in the air we breathe. And we love the air–who has not taken deep breaths of pure, fresh country air, just for the pleasure of it? How strange that we cannot love time. It spoils our loveliest moments.

He goes on to quote from a letter C. S. Lewis wrote him,

Do fish complain of the sea for being wet? Or if they did, would that fact itself not strongly suggest that they had not always been, or would not always be, purely aquatic creatures? (more…)

You can go your own way (or play fetch)

I spent my lunch hour Thursday walking through campus, praying and thinking. This weekend was Mizzou’s 100th Homecoming celebration, so there was a ton of activity everywhere I walked. Of course, all that activity distracted me from praying, so I finally decided to rest on a bench at Peace Park. Most of the trees are still green there and the sunlight filtered through them in a beautiful and relaxing way, sparkling on the water running through the creek.

Gorgeous fall day

My heart didn’t feel quite so tranquil, but I found the space that was needed (more…)

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