Day 11: Appearance isn’t everything

hair colorEven though there are days that I go to work or out and about without putting on makeup, I still don’t leave the house without making sure every hair is in place. My stylist used to tease me because I had trouble getting my hair appropriately messy for a certain style I wore for a while.

We women try so hard to put together the perfect appearance. Right clothes, right hair, right accessories. Isn’t it exhausting?

Are you ready to crush this kingdom of appearances?

God sees us as beautiful. It’s true, no matter your age or body shape. We are imago dei – made in the image of God.

Two years ago, as part of the 31 day series, Prayers for the Hurting, I wrote the post, When You Believe the Lies are True:

Really, though, the issue runs deeper than just how we look. It’s more than our size, shape, hair color, nose, etc. that we see distorted. To us, the scars we carry (physically, emotionally, mentally) mar any remains of beauty that may have once existed.

We often fight to believe that God has forgiven us of all our sins. Especially, you know, that really bad thing.

Do you ever find yourself arguing with God about who you are? Mandisa’s song, “The Truth About Me,” reflects that struggle. In a short, but powerful video, Mandisa explains the story behind the song.

You say, “LOVELY.”
I say, “broken.”

I say, “guilty.”
You say, “FORGIVEN.”

If you click over, you can read a prayer that I wrote to accompany this post and the video of “The Truth About Me.”

Dear Friend, see past the lies that are so easy to believe and the society/culture that says we must look a certain way to belong. Crush this kingdom of appearance. Trust the One who calls you beautiful.

Day 11 of the #write31days series:

crushing your kingdoms

Day 25: When You Believe The Lies Are True

Smoke & Mirrors

(Photo credit: Alex Clark)

Every day, millions of us wake up, groggily shuffle to the bathroom, and look in the mirror. But what we see isn’t exactly correct.

The person who looks back at us is not a true reflection of who we are.

I have never run across a single person who didn’t want to change at least one part of their appearance. For some of us, it’s a more consuming issue; but I see so many people affected by image problems. I don’t even have to list them. You’ve probably already got yours in the forefront of your mind.

You do, don’t you?

For a while, I was a moderator for a food and exercise tracking web forum. (more…)

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