On Being Content with my Writing

Content2013This was not the post I expected to write for contentment. However, being content includes having satisfaction in who I am, warts and all as it were. So, in an exercise of contentment with my writing, I present my first foray into Five Minute Friday (FMF).

FMF is a collection of bloggers who join in a Twitter chat on Thursday evenings to get the writing prompt for Friday. The rules are to set a timer and write for 5 minutes only, no extreme editing or rewriting – and then share it with the world. Gulp.

Not to reread and rewrite and tweak and fix and make everything perfect – do you see why this is a lesson in being content?

And so, without further ado, I’m setting my timer…

FMF prompt: Fall.

My neighbor just started up her mower. It’s loud at first, but then settles into white noise while I think about fall. What a contrast to the heat of summer about to come. Fall, with that crispness in the air and the colors of the leaves. I think what I love about fall is the change.

You know, most of the time we fight change. We don’t want people to leave us or us to leave them. We resist starting something new.

But sometimes change is what we need. That fresh start to begin again or to give us a new outlook on whatever problem we’re facing.

Fall signals that change is coming. It’s winter and death, but that too will change in time. Spring, rebirth, new life is ahead. We can be glad for the changes because as believers they are merely seasons leading us to eternal spring.

Fall Leaves

Well, there you have it. I’m content for now, but I do prefer cleaning up and rewriting posts. That’s for another day.

I’m linking up to FMF. There’s a slew of other bloggers who wrote about fall in many different ways, including different definitions of the word. Check ‘em out!
Five Minute Friday

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