On a personal note

My poor neglected blog readers. I’m so sorry. Since I don’t have a more serious post ready to go, here’s a brief update on my life lately.

Last week, my husband and I were in Dallas. Here’s a peek at a few things we go to do:

Tom w/Chuck Swindoll

We met Chuck Swindoll. He was so kind and even autographed a book for Tom. I got a little emotional after I told him how my dad used to listen to him on the radio when I was a kid. I essentially grew up listening to Chuck Swindoll’s voice.


We went flying in a tiny Cessna 182! I had fun taking photos from the back seat. Here are a few of my favorites (I only took 170+):

DSCF0047 (300x222)DSCF0077 (300x216)

20130227_091635 (300x224)DSCF0135 (300x225)

Tom got to fly the plane over Dallas airspace! It was a little crazy, but so fun. Here’s Tom with his cousin, the pilot, and his plane.


The real reason we were in Dallas was for the Mac Tools Tool Fair. Part of it included the Macademy Awards. I know, right? Tom got one award that we knew about, but it shocked him to find out that he was honored with the Founder’s Award for volunteer work in his community.


Here we are chatting with Brett Shaw, president of Mac Tools, and totally ignoring Chip Foose, reality TV host of Overhaulin’ (sorry, Chip!).

We had a great trip!

We returned home and settled into a normal routine until Wednesday. That’s when author Mary DeMuth shared a raw, honest, breathtaking post, How do you forgive a sexual abuser? By writing a letter, where she wrote an open letter to the two brothers who molested her as a child. This post rocked me – not just because of the audacity of someone to harm a child like that, but the healing and forgiveness that oozes from Mary’s words. She tells these two brothers:

I forgive you.

My mountain of sins toward a holy God dwarfs the molehills you enacted against me.

Man, that’s powerful stuff. And you just can’t say that in your own strength. That comes from someone who is leaning wholeheartedly on God. Amazing.

I also may have the opportunity to do some blogging for World Help. That offer just came tonight, so I’m curious to learn more. World Help is a faith-based humanitarian organization. They’re involved with child sponsorships, church planting, clean water projects, a baby rescue operation and so much more. Tom and I have known about World Help since its infancy when we lived in Virginia. It’s exciting to see how much it has grown.

Thanks for following along with this personal update. I’ll leave you with a nice shot of Tom and me all dressed up for the Macademy Awards (oh, and there was a red carpet, too!). And since no one took a full length shot of me, these were the awesome shoes I wore! 🙂

DSCF0014 (300x222)20130220_075316 (300x216)

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