A Time to Remember

My brother-in-law passed away last week of cardiac & respiratory failureĀ at 39 years of age. We had a memorial service for him this past Friday which has left me in a reflective mood. My own brother, grandmother and father have also passed away, leaving various gaps in the family and my heart.

Tonight I came across a box containing sermons notes of Dad’s and nestled in among his typed pages, I found a little black book – A Service Book, printed in 1956. Used by ministers at funerals, several passages have been marked by Dad, offered up during one of many funerals he conducted. I have memories of my sis and me, too young to be exposed to the death of a stranger, waiting in lobbies of various funeral homes while Dad led the services. Later, when old enough or for someone we knew, we sat quietly in the back with Mom, listening to Dad.

Enough. More Dad memories in a future post. šŸ™‚

I’m sharing two poems from A Service Book that brought me to tears this evening. (more…)

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