Do you have a plan for the year?

Every week a group of writers get together online, centered on a word prompt by Kate Motaung, to help us write free-style for five minutes. There’s more to it than that, but you get the gist of it. So, welcome (or welcome back) to Five Minute Friday.

Prompt:  Plan.


I love the smell of a new year. A blank year planner is one of the most exciting things. The year could contain anything. When January 1 hit, many of us made resolutions, and some, wishing to avoid resolution failure, chose words for the year instead. Others, attempting to completely side-step that trend, just considered a rough outline of what it would be great to accomplish in 2015.

I’ve been a fan of the one word concept for a couple years now. God’s been working on my heart in certain ways and I came up with a word rather easily. But I never blogged about it. I never took the time to put it to words and cement it in the stone of the interwebs. I had a plan, but not a very concrete one.

This my fifth year of blogging. It’s high time I revise my About page and one thing I’ve been wanting to do is let my readers know how often I plan to blog. This helps you know what to expect of me and gives me a target to shoot for. Once a month or less isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I began blogging four years ago. It’s time to update my plan.

I help my church with communications and it’s been a learn-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience, which I mostly love. Thanks to the aforementioned internet, there are more experienced communicators who I get to learn from. The buzzword in communications, church or otherwise, is to have a communications strategy. To know what, when and why you want to accomplish when sharing about your organization. A fancy word for a plan.

So, we’re nearly to the “ides of March” and if you haven’t begun to implement your plan, it’s high time to get going. I speak mostly to myself. It’s time to declare that one word for the year and get moving with a plan for 2015 before it’s half over.

So, here’s my plan. I want to blog at least once a week, so you can expect to see me more regularly. If you like my blog and don’t want to miss a post, you can subscribe to get emailed each time I post. If I did it right, the form is here, but if not, look to your right, under my picture to see where you can sign up.

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Is there a plan that you have for 2015 that you need to get started on? Would you share that in the comments below?

Since it’s now my plan, see you in less than a week!

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Random sharing

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is “share.” The idea is that you’re supposed to take the prompt and write about it for 5 minutes. Raw, unedited thoughts put to pixels.

But I have nothing on “share,” so instead, I’m going to share five minutes of thoughts with you.

water from sky

My writing is sometimes paralyzed by looking at other writers. I see certain bloggers gaining followers, publishing a book, going to conferences. It’s hard sometimes. I dream of making it big or going viral. But realistically, I know that I’m not ready for that. I’m grateful that God is sovereign and I am not, because I would screw up so many things. I’m not ready for that the way that God has shown I’m not ready to be a mom. It’s not that it may never happen – it could – but that it’s not his plan for today.

With writing, which is the point of this exercise, I’m still hesitating. I’m still holding back. Not ready to share the full story within me. Still afraid of what others will think of me. Not willing to bare my soul and share the good, bad, and ugly. Especially the bad and ugly. Until I’m ready to be transparent, whether on this blog or with friends, until I’m ready to be vulnerable, my reach is limited. My impact is blunted.

I’m not sure where this is going or what you can get out of it by reading. Perhaps you can be equally challenged to see where you’re holding back and what you should let go of. Perhaps this is just one of those FMF posts that don’t really make a lot of sense to anyone but the writer.

At least we keep writing.

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Go where I send thee

It’s time for #fmfparty again. Five minutes to write on a word prompt. Last week it was welcome. This week, the word is send.train

And the first thing to hit my mind is the old children’s song:

Children, go where I send thee
Well, how shall I send thee?
I’m gonna send thee one by one
One for the little bitty Baby
Born of the Virgin Mary
Born, born, born in Bethlehem.

I’ll have to search youtube for the whole thing. It’s a little silly, especially when it gets stuck in your head. (Hey! I found a Hall & Oates version, who knew?)

Child, go where I send thee. And how shall I send thee?

train_graffitiWe have to be ready to go when/where God calls. And for some, like my friend, Eric Papp, or my sister’s friend, Sue Takamoto, it’s across the world. But for others, it may only be across the street.
Across the office.
Across the counter.
Where you are is where God is calling you in this moment.

Stop reading and look around you. This is where you have been sent. Is it a coffee shop? a bus? your living room? your cubicled office? a doctor’s waiting room?

Child, God is whispering for you to go where He sends you. It’s time. You are there. You have been sent. If you don’t know what comes next, pray to Him to show you who to reach out to, where to speak words of comfort, peace, healing, truth, and what to do next.

Go where I send thee.
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To the new year

Fireworks_tallWelcome new year.

Welcome blank slate. Welcome fresh start.

Welcome new challenges. Welcome the old faithful ones.

Welcome temptations. Welcome trials. Welcome hardships. Welcome stretching experiences.

Welcome new friends. Welcome unexplored places. Welcome firsts.

Welcome health; welcome sickness. Welcome riches; welcome empty pockets.

Welcome laughter; welcome sadness. Welcome births; welcome deaths.

If I truly believe God is in control and sovereign over this new year with its good and bad, joys and sorrows, easy and hard times, then I welcome them all. If…

…we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

…then – welcome. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for His glory in 2015.


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What is True (about me)

It’s true that I love cats. It’s true that I killed my first cat when I was two (it was an accident. I loved it to death by hugging it around the neck far too often).

It’s true that music is with me almost 24/7. There is music running through my head almost constantly. Often songs, but sometimes just melodies or rhythms.

It’s true that the toe next to my pinky toe is bent funny. From the bottom of my foot, you can’t see that 4th toe at all.

It’s true that as a kid, I lost almost all my fingernails and some more than once. It was a by-product of sucking my thumb transitioned to biting my fingernails and the skin around my nails.

It’s also true that I still bite my nails and the surrounding skin today.

It’s also true that that might be the thing that drives my husband most crazy of all my bad habits. It’s true that I’m aware of this and that I still can’t seem to stop myself (though I think I may be better about refraining when I’m with him, but maybe not).

It’s true that I throw like a girl. Like a girl who really, truly can’t throw. I once tried to throw a frisbee for my dog and it ended up on the roof of the house. Behind me.

It’s true that I’m out of  time. 😉


This was a Five Minute Friday post written for only 5 minutes on this week’s prompt of “true.” I’m linked up with a ton of great writers all writing on the same prompt, check it out.

Here are my two current furballs, Chloe and Fritz.

Fritz and Chloe

We love you, Mom!




She Haunts Me

Covered in black mud from the Dead Sea

There’s a ghost of a girl who haunts me sometimes.

She’s funny. She’s fearless. She’s sometimes goofy, but confident in her goofyness. She doesn’t worry if she spelled goofyness correctly. If it’s not a real word she’s even more delighted.

karenShe cares for others. She puts her needs aside to listen to a friend. She considers the stranger sitting nearby a friend.

She’s not bold, but she knows herself.

She rests comfortably in the fact that she is loved. She has a heavenly father who cares for her and who is working for her good. She can trust in that.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s ofttimes lonely. She can be comfortable in her loneliness, too. Solitude isn’t all bad.

This ghost isn’t perfect, though. She fights depression and doubts herself often. She desires to be loved by a boy, but keeps pulling her heart back. She’s not quite trusting.


She’s never quite content with herself. She expects perfection.

The ghost breezes by. She hasn’t been here in awhile, but sometimes, when the rain drip-drip-drips outside, she remembers.

What she was, she can be again. What she left behind can be regained. The gray hair may not disappear, but that young girl is still inside, waiting to be released. She only has to awaken.

It’s time to wake up.


It’s time for the Five Minute Friday challenge again. Write for only 5 minutes (with a little grace thrown in sometimes), but no major editing, fixing, perfecting. This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is She.
Five Minute Friday

On Being Content with my Writing

Content2013This was not the post I expected to write for contentment. However, being content includes having satisfaction in who I am, warts and all as it were. So, in an exercise of contentment with my writing, I present my first foray into Five Minute Friday (FMF).

FMF is a collection of bloggers who join in a Twitter chat on Thursday evenings to get the writing prompt for Friday. The rules are to set a timer and write for 5 minutes only, no extreme editing or rewriting – and then share it with the world. Gulp.

Not to reread and rewrite and tweak and fix and make everything perfect – do you see why this is a lesson in being content?

And so, without further ado, I’m setting my timer…

FMF prompt: Fall.

My neighbor just started up her mower. It’s loud at first, but then settles into white noise while I think about fall. What a contrast to the heat of summer about to come. Fall, with that crispness in the air and the colors of the leaves. I think what I love about fall is the change.

You know, most of the time we fight change. We don’t want people to leave us or us to leave them. We resist starting something new.

But sometimes change is what we need. That fresh start to begin again or to give us a new outlook on whatever problem we’re facing.

Fall signals that change is coming. It’s winter and death, but that too will change in time. Spring, rebirth, new life is ahead. We can be glad for the changes because as believers they are merely seasons leading us to eternal spring.

Fall Leaves

Well, there you have it. I’m content for now, but I do prefer cleaning up and rewriting posts. That’s for another day.

I’m linking up to FMF. There’s a slew of other bloggers who wrote about fall in many different ways, including different definitions of the word. Check ‘em out!
Five Minute Friday

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