What is True (about me)

It’s true that I love cats. It’s true that I killed my first cat when I was two (it was an accident. I loved it to death by hugging it around the neck far too often).

It’s true that music is with me almost 24/7. There is music running through my head almost constantly. Often songs, but sometimes just melodies or rhythms.

It’s true that the toe next to my pinky toe is bent funny. From the bottom of my foot, you can’t see that 4th toe at all.

It’s true that as a kid, I lost almost all my fingernails and some more than once. It was a by-product of sucking my thumb transitioned to biting my fingernails and the skin around my nails.

It’s also true that I still bite my nails and the surrounding skin today.

It’s also true that that might be the thing that drives my husband most crazy of all my bad habits. It’s true that I’m aware of this and that I still can’t seem to stop myself (though I think I may be better about refraining when I’m with him, but maybe not).

It’s true that I throw like a girl. Like a girl who really, truly can’t throw. I once tried to throw a frisbee for my dog and it ended up on the roof of the house. Behind me.

It’s true that I’m out of  time. 😉


This was a Five Minute Friday post written for only 5 minutes on this week’s prompt of “true.” I’m linked up with a ton of great writers all writing on the same prompt, check it out.

Here are my two current furballs, Chloe and Fritz.

Fritz and Chloe

We love you, Mom!




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