A Whisper is Better than Silence

Sometimes you can only speak in a whisper. I recently overheard two college girls where one was explaining that she had laryngitis and could only speak in a whisper at that time.

I haven’t had laryngitis, but my blog has been little more than a whisper this summer. Life has been so full with family, major projects at  church, additional responsibilities, illness, camp, etc., etc., that I had to set blogging aside for a while.

Sponsorship_Rwanda_Photo-PackAnd then inertia sets in. And as any introvert knows, the longer you stay silent, the harder it is to speak.

Using our voice, changing our world.

This is the blogger motto for World Help bloggers. I’ve technically been a #WHblogger for almost a year now, but my whisper has not been heard. I haven’t spoken up, in part, because I’ve been afraid that my little voice in my little corner of the internet wouldn’t have much impact. I know, it makes little sense, since not saying anything has zero impact.

So, I’m starting with a whisper today:

A – I’m back and blogging (yay!).

B – World Help is a solid non-profit that has been on my radar for years. Founded by one of my college professors, Vernon Brewer, World Help is a faith-based organization that meets the spiritual and physical needs of millions of people around the world through child advocacy, humanitarian aid, education & sustainability, and community development. This video gives a window into some of the work that World Help has been involved with recently:


Thanks for listening to my whisper today. I look forward to sharing more soon.

This post is also linked up with Five Minute Friday – prompt is whisper.


Day 24: Fill In The Blank

Star trails and Star tails.

Photo credit: Joe Dsilva (Creative Commons)

(Insert pain here.)

The thing you can’t escape.
The suffering that constantly returns to haunt you.
The secret agony that no one knows.
The public pain that makes everyone stare or look away.
That is your pain in that blank. (more…)

Day 17: When Scarred By Abuse

This is Day 17 of 31 Days of Prayer for the Hurting (click to find links to the entire series),
one of 1200+ blogs participating in the 31 Days Challenge, hosted by The Nester.


No Trespassing

No Trespassing (Photo credit: justmakeit)

Dear God,

It’s beyond my understanding why some people experience the trauma of being deliberately, selfishly hurt by a person they love or trust. I cannot fathom why someone would purposefully act in a way that would carve a lifetime of scars in another person’s psyche. It’s hard to even speak of the heinous reality of abuses such as,

  • teacher to student
  • father/mother to child
  • boyfriend to girlfriend
  • church leader to lay person

Oh, the ugly depths of sin! (more…)

Day 11: When Life Comes First

10.11.12 – the day that life happened and blogging did not.

  • My husband had to go to the ER last night. He’s much better today, thankfully.
  • I have a funeral to attend tomorrow of a beloved member of our faculty. I am looking forward to hearing his life celebrated, though we are so sorry to have lost him.
A powerful light shines in the dark.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With what is left of Today, this day that was full of the joys and sorrows of life, (more…)

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