3 ways you can change the world

WHG_Community-Development_3Isn’t that a wish deep inside of most of us? The chance to affect huge change in the world around us?

The easiest excuse is that I’m just one person. There’s not much that I, personally, can do that will change the world.

However, there are small things that have huge impacts on others. There are ways you can give that will change the future of others who, in their turn, may be able to change a family, a community, and even the world.

One Christmas several years ago, my nieces excitedly showed me a catalog, through which they were searching for the perfect gift. They were shopping, not for gifts for themselves, but for something bigger. It was a catalog, much like the World Help Gift Catalog, and they were trying to decide if they would buy a chicken, or mosquito nets, or books for children in another country. I was surprised, but I loved the idea.

So, this year, here are three ways you could change the world:

WHG_Sustainability_41. Supply a food source to feed a family, not just for one meal, but with years of food.

  • pair of chickens could supply a family with potentially up to 600 eggs in just one year ($22).
  • A goat will provide a family with nutrient-rich milk as well as a source of income from selling milk products ($100).

2. Help a community find clean water or have access to health care, which leads to longer, healthier lives and a stronger community.

  • Participate in a clean-water project to help people access clean water or build new wells ($45 and up).
  • Help with the costs of providing a health clinic to a community ($300 and up).

3. Save someone’s future, by saving a life.

Watch a baby rescue in action in Guatemala:

Wow, that is powerful.

I recommend World Help, because Tom and I have known the founder, Vernon Brewer, since our college days. This isn’t a huge corporation, where things get lost in the shuffle. That’s Brewer’s daughter in the video. World Help works with local groups in the areas where they help, to have a greater impact in the communities.

Today, if you did not know, is #GivingTuesday. I encourage you, if you are part of a local church, give there first. But, after that, would you add a line on your Christmas giving list this year to feed a family, restore a community, or rescue a child? Together, we can change the world.


There are many other opportunities through the gift catalog that you may want to browse through. Also, today, as part of #GivingTuesday, a financial gift made to World Help will be matched at 100%.

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