How I saw God in the snow


It’s snowing this morning. Finishing my granola, I sat and watched the snow fly about. It was several minutes before I realized I was still sitting there on the futon, empty bowl in hand, gazing out the window. I’m not sure what I was thinking about or what specifically I was looking at, but I had a smile on my face. I enjoy snow.

To a child, snow is magical. Here in Missouri some school children practice a snow ritual of wearing pajamas inside out and backwards along with putting a spoon under their pillows to “make it snow.” Sort of a snow dance, if you will. I grew up in Michigan where there was no need for a snow dance. We got plenty of it every year. Of course, snow didn’t guarantee a day off from school either, except for the one year we had a new principal from Florida. His first year we had a lot of snow days!

I love the smell in the air right before snow starts. (more…)

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