Rhythm Like A Junior High Band

Woohoo! It’s Friday! I’ve got a fun-filled weekend ahead and hope you do too! 

It’s FMF time again. This week’s prompt is Rhythm.

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Have you ever been to a junior high band concert? If you’re not a parent of one of those precious musicians (and sometimes even if you are), they can be brutal to sit through. The average junior higher is not a skilled musician – probably using the term musician is stretching things a bit.

It’s rough on the ears.

Rhythm is a tricky thing, one person out of step can easily through everything off.

Sometimes life is like that. We get out of rhythm and feel ourselves bungling around for awhile. Things don’t fall into place like they used to or should Our rhythm is off.

Now a talented musician gets even better with rhythm and can get skilled at syncopation. So with growth in our personal lives. We get better at being out of step with the norm and stretching ourselves to grow, despite whatever rhythm is playing around us.


Aaaand, that’s time. I’m kind of hating not being able to correct a few typos in there, but I’m trying to be real and honest with the project. So there it is. :}

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